Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene :( Down but not out

Dear Blog Followers and Friends,

What a crazy few days it has been....

Hurricane Irene hit our small town on Sunday...the devastation was emense. I will be doing my flair pen give away, once things settle down a bit. I am running on day 5 of no electricity. I am currently at my Dad's house using their hot water, internet and cable. To this point I've been checking things via iPhone, sorry if I missed a comment, post etc.

Our town is now at 75% of homes without power, at 8800 homes. The towns next to our are at 50% on one side and 90-100% on the other. The projection is to have the majority of homes back online by Saturday at 11:30.

Irene was so bad that they postponed school. We were to begin on Monday with kids starting today. Now we will all start on Tuesday....together, with no prep, no IEP meetings no 504 meetings, no meet the teachers before school open house thing...nothing deep end of the pool, feet first on Tuesday...with a student teacher :) can you tell I'm excited.

I went to school yesterday and set up in the dark. With no running water. Our school is the only school on a well... so no bathroom using at school. I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be.

I live about 7 doors away from one of our schools and as I had mentioned we still don't have power...there are still roads in our town that are impassable. I have posted some pictures below...when Irene hit it was just on the verge of a category one/tropical storm thank God it wasn't any stronger!

My house is very close to the low lands, we did have some water in the yard, but no damage and school is good too other than not having power as well. Of the 7 schools in our district only our high school has power at the moment....

We just got a phone call that we may not even start school on Tuesday.... my stress level is somewhere on a 10+ right now. Supposedly they will have a better idea about school opening Tuesday tomorrow.

Please send good thoughts and love our the least send positive electricity thoughts!

These are pictures from some of my Facebook friends...

Breakwall at a local beach club, to the right there were cabanas, which were all swept out to sea.

Limbs down across the road.

Trees down on lines...a lot of this all over town. Big problems!

Town Dock, all the pavement pulled up.

This used to be a foot bridge to a yacht club, completely gone.


jen said...

WoW! That is a lot of damage! My thoughts go out to you! Fingers crossed and hoping the power comes back on for you!

Tawnya said...

Wow! We are in North Florida and were preparing to get some of this storm, but it missed us this time. I hope all is getting back to normal. Good luck with your school year!