Monday, August 1, 2011

Free Cash!!!....ok not exactly but, it feels like it!


I have a ton of spare change. Literally

1/2 of a quart size bag of coins. Well I did. Until I took them all to the Coinstar machine.

I find my change in the following places- the car console, my piggy bank, laundry room, the change section of my wallet that is stuffed to the gills and of course the bottom of my pocketbook.

Now you may be saying... Coinstar...they charge some astronomical fee to turn your own coins into cash...

This is true...sort of. They charge 9.8 per dollar counted, if you have it turned into cash.

However, silver lining--if you get it in the form of a gift card, there is no fee taken out.

Now the gift cards are pretty sweet. You can get your gift cards to great places like CVS, Stop and Shop or Toys R' Us.... or teacher's favorite

My last bag of coins turned into $149 dollars in gift card dollars. So I've been adding to my shopping cart on Amazon, all the books I've been looking at, that new 3M laminator... I took my baggie of coins to the machine today and came out with $59.61 in Amazon gift dollars! Yippee!! So that's a nice chunk of change (pardon my pun) and of course there is free shipping too!

Check out all the info at Coinstar for yourself.

P.S. They also convert your coins into iTunes gift cards for the music lovers!