Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where it all goes down Wednesday

Day 3 of teacher week over at Blog Hoppin' head on over and check out the link party....

While we don't start school for a few more days, my classroom is not quite ready. That and I'd like my student teacher to have some say in I don't have many pictures to share yet.

But I will share my welcome bulletin board, that I am so proud of!! I think it is the cutest bulletin board I've made in six years! I leave this board up all year, and I'm hoping the kids will love it. The banner says "Adventure Awaits"...another post soon coming on my Up themed classroom!

I am surprised though how many adults in my building don't know about the movie Up! Hope it isn't lost on people. Let me know what you think...


skwells89 said...

I love this board! I was just offered a teaching position this past week and have been thinking about an 'Up' theme for my classroom! Your blog is actually the only place I have seen this theme so I am very interested to see how the rest of the room turned out and would love some inspiration!!

I was wondering where you got the picture of the house you used on this bulletin board? I know I cannot use Disney's copyrighted materials so am looking for things that are very similar like this! :)