Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

So today at Blog Hoppin, we are linking up and giving advice to new teachers.

Funny, because I still consider myself a new teacher after 6 years, probably because I work with 2 women...one who just retired and have been on the job, in my building for 40+ years each! 6 years is a drop in the bucket!

I am excited about this post today, because I am hosting a student teacher starting next week- YIKES! So I'm going to read, read, read up to make sure I'm giving her the best advice I can. As for my advice here it is

1. Never ever, ever, ever let them see you sweat. Parents or kids. If they are under your skin, about to make you cry, you pull it together and you take the high road...never let yourself enter that power struggle, always take the high road.

2. When you start out as a teacher always plan for more time than you need AND always have a back up when things go quicker than you expected.

3. Own back to school night. Work it Girl! This a first impression for many parents. Not the moment to back down or be unsure of yourself. You ARE the teacher, act like it own it and when all else fails-- fake it till you make it!

4. Talk to your students like you would like someone to talk to your children. While I don't have children I have sisters that are much younger than I am, so I think of them in those cases.

5. Sometimes you have to pick up the phone. I am all for technology. "I love to email. Johnny forgot his library books, can you bring them in. Suzy was upset getting off the bus this morning but then pulled it together, just wanted to let you know." But there are times, and especially after many exchanges of emails where you just have to pick up the phone. I learned this my first year, when you word an email one way it may not always sound that way to the receiver. Pick up the phone and call the other person.

6. Be the flexible teacher, but don't let people walk on you. The speech teacher needs to move Johnny's time. Another teachers conference ran over can your principal needs to move your conference time? Can the student intern swing by Monday morning to observe a lesson? These are things in my book you say YES to, as long as they are not throwing off your schedule in major ways. I'm not saying let people walk on you or take advantage of you...ie the speech teacher wants to switch times and then does't see Johnny for 3 days. But the special service people, office staff, custodians, know who are the flexible teachers and I think they are way more willing to help you out when you need it because you've been flexible with them....you get more with honey then you do with vinegar.

And when you have a rough day remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel... SUMMER! :)