Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cool Tips Linky Party

Belinda over at Too Cool For School is having a Linky Party about Cool Teacher Tips. So while I don't think any of my tips are ground breaking....they are pretty useful.

Tip 1.) I give all my students PIN numbers like many teachers but I do it by first name. No more wracking your brain at 9:30 on Wednesday night as to what Johnny's last name is.

Tip 2.) To remove adhesive on book boxes, new books, pretty much any surface, use a blow dryer it heats up the adhesive and removes the sticker and tacky stuff in one move.

Tip 3.) When you're writing all you student's names in alphabetical order by first name (see #1) using a sharpie and you make a boo-boo on a semi-laminated or laminated piece of paper, use hair spray to remove the boo-boo!

Tip 4.) Always put your name in everything. And when someone (especially a teacher) wants to borrow your stuff write it down somewhere reliable... initials on the board, a post taped to your desk, a notebook.... then there will be no running around look for your First Six Weeks of School book, who borrowed that or do I have that? debate.

Tip 5.) Mr. Clean Erasers are a save all. I ask for them on a wish list at the beginning of the year. Pencil, crayons, markers it takes it all out. And if by chance you have a smartboard and one of your little angels takes a regular marker or dry erase marker to it.... Mr. Clean has got your back. Seriously a life saver.

Tip 6.) Post it White Out Tape. Tape not a liquid=hours saved waving papers in the air to dry before coping them, more time to blog etc. (Don't leave this laying around the copy room, it'll disappear!)

Be sure to check out Too Cool For School and link up to the party!!