Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Name Update

I'm a brain racker I'll admit it.

I over think things. I'm a girl.

I've been trying to think of a witty name for my blog for.........Mmmmmm Ever!

My first blog for my parents had been named the Triebel Telegraph, as a homage to Jimmy Buffett Coconut Telegraph.... "You can here it on the coconut telegraph... this and that, this and that"

But I decided I'd like something more catchy. Considering my love of the beach, and classroom beach theme, I thought Sunny Days in Second grade would be excellent! But during a linky party I discovered that someone else already had that blog name, and not wanting to steel someones thunder I resorted back to The Triebel Telegraph....

However in my blog stalking, I saw a blog using the name primary, which reminded me of elementary and a la Despicable Me.... LIGHTBULB! So here we are, welcome to It's Elementary My Dear Teacher....

Let's take her out for a spin and see how it goes...