Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh the things we say....

1. This is my first Linky Party Yippeee!!! I'm hoping this will help me get some followers!
2. I was so happy I found Christina's website last year she's got great stuff on there, I knew this year for my own personal goal I needed to fire up a teaching blog. So here we go...

Things I say that are repeated by my students and then told to me by parents at conference time....

1.) Good Grief Charlie Brown!! ( I must say this 1000x a day, every time a speed bump occurs and apparently a lot of my students now use it at home!)

2.) Oh rats! A good alternative to other choice "adult" words.

3.) Oh Banana Sandwich! Another good alternative!

4.) Is that a just right book? If they leave 2nd grade doing one thing it should be, being able to pick out a just right book

5.) Yes you have to sit in your parking spots on the carpet. Those kids, always trying to outsmart me on the parking spot situation!

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