Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things I could not teach without

I feel like an 8 year old in my class, I want to yell out "Miss Triebel you can't teach without us!!" and that's for sure the kids are a key component here!

Here are the things that make my day teaching that much more groovey....

1.) My Smartboard. When I get back to school (and my school labtop) I'm going to post lots of my Smartboard lessons. I love my board and so do the kids. We do everything on here, from Morning Meeting to Friday Funday Funny Videos. It is the kitchen of my classroom where we all come to gather.

2.) Every morning. Green tea. Gets the metabolism up and going.

3.) Scholastic's The Complete Year in Reading and Writing in 2nd grade. Working in a district that doesn't have a specific scope and sequence, this helps win the planning stages. While I certainly do not teach directly from here, it does make planning, organizing, collecting books for my fairy tale unit A LOT easier!

4.) The stock pile of hershey's kisses in my 3 draw plastic tower (my desk). Needed on Thursdays around 2:30.

5.) Magazine boxes. In my "teaching closet" because I have one closet (good joke huh?) almost as good as the ONE electrical outlet I had the first four year of teaching... cue Green Acres music. Now that I'm all electrical plugged up with my Smartboard.... in my closet I have a cardboard magazine box for each month and in that box I put books I use for the month and large items that don't fit in my 3 ring binder for the month (ie December, my Elf glyph because the tracers are too big). Everything is all sorted out, so in September I can pull out Jack's Talent, Bucket Fillers, Please is a Good Word to Use and The Amazing Chowder and know exactly what lessons I am going to do.

6.) My amazing teaching neighbors (K,1,2) whether it's a book, a DRA form or someone to watch my class when I HAVE to go to the bathroom, they make the days fun, entertaining and certainly enjoyable!