Sunday, July 17, 2011

Teacher's bag of tricks....or websites

Here is one of my favorite math websites....whenever I need a Friday Funday Math lesson (On Friday's we skip our journal based learning and try something a little more hands on....) I go directly over to the great people at

I know lots of people sit around and make up multiple verisions of "I has, who has" or even more horribly go out and BUY them.... Why do that? When you can get them for free here!

My favorite discovery at mathwire, aside from their cute seasonal glyphs, and I always love a good glyph. Is their game Contig and Contig Jr.

We play the Junior version in Second Grade. I send it home, as homework on nights when the copy is down and I couldn't copy what I wanted (I always have a stack of these ready to go). I sent them home with the summer work packets. We play it during station time, or as a Menu Item. And I've found that after one or two plays the kids get it and they know how to play with little intervention from me. On the day we have an odd number, I'll play with one of my little friends and it even gets me thinking hard! It's an all around fun game, that my class will beg to play!

Best of all they are building fact fluency and they don't even know it! So much more fun and engaging then flashcards (boooo! hissssss!)

All you need is 2 die, and 2 colored crayons...some friends might need a number grid or number line to help them out. Check out both versions here. Can't say enough wonderful things about Mathwire. :)